Monday, April 18

Random pics

So I guess I suck at blogging even when I have boatloads of time.

Update on the job situation:

Things moved amazingly fast on that front, then slow.  I actually got a call about an interview from the first job application I submitted (for a different position) and had an interview and an offer within a week.  Yay me.  Except due to processes at the employer, I don't start til May 9.  My summer vacation comes early.  I'm planning a trip down to South Florida for the end of April.

Here's a few pics I've taken recently to summarize what I've been doing:

Shopping!  I got this new welcome mat today.  I walked by it and did a double take.  At only $9.99 I couldn't walk away without it.
I wish my front flowers were doing better.  I planted a few red tulips that were looking good to the left of the door that have mysteriously disappeared (bulbs and all) before I got to snap a pics. The biggest pot has perennial orange lilies that are not back yet.

I'm jealous of the red tulips in front of the Hopkins Bayview campus:

On gardening, My indoor window boxes in the kitchen:

 Spearmint, a small pot of Armada Roses, an orchid.

And waiting to go outside:
 Tomato, Cukes, basil, rosemary, chives, lettuces (spring mix seed packet).

Here's the current sorry state of last year's lovely patio:

         aka a trash pile from a project of replacing the upstairs windows.  Ideally the lettuces will go in the shoe holder on the fence.  The rest will live in the raised bed that is currently covered in windows to keep the rats out (ick).

 Also I recently got back in to Acting! I was in the Vagina Monologues and most recently The Good Body, both by Eve Ensler.  For the latter I made a collage for the set:
              The idea is it is the messages from "the media" women get about what is beautiful (GOOD) and the products that will make us that way.  All in the shape of an "ideal" feminine figure.

Since I had the cast party at my place, it's actually clean enough to share pics.

 (Action shot of Sushi the cat.  Cats are always getting up in my pics)

              The chairs were a refurb I did with my Mom last summer.  A before and after post will follow, but I think they need something else, like cute pillows.

Cooking/making messes. Because I'm sitting around/surfing the net a lot I get random urges to try out a new recipe I find.  Cue Strawberry Scones at 3:30 to use some ugly berries in my fridge.
Here's the mess I made of the kitchen:

I used this recipe because I had everything on hand (uses yogurt instead of cream, I used a lowfat vanilla instead of the recommended orange flavor).  I gotta say my batter was way runny and they came out more like muffin tops.  The OJ-powdered sugar icing is delish.

Mostly, I've been running errands.  Trips to Home Depot, getting my car its maintenance (two trips to an auto shop), shopping, giving my friends rides at hours most people are working, etc.

Here's a kinda artsy shot driving over the Key Bridge.

Ok, maybe I'll remember to blog more. I still have to show off the projects in my bedroom!