Monday, December 21


That was an empty trash can.  It is now full of snow.

We had a bit of  Blizzard here in baltimore, trapping most city dwellers in their houses and off the streets.  My car (which I forgot to take a picture of) was completely covered and blocked in.  Luckily I have lovely neighbors with shovels who dug me out. 

But I did not risk the weather on Saturday, instead trekking it over to Patterson Park to sled down a big hill by the Pagoda.  There were close to 50 people there, with all levels of sledding equipment from boogey boards (not so successful), to tubes, to trays and cookie sheets from the kitchen (what we had!).  As I always forget to turn the camera back on myself, I'm awaiting an upload from a friend for a pic with my face, but here are a couple nice shots:

More pics to come, and new projects too!

Friday, December 4

Momument Lighting

You may or may not know that Baltimore has the ORIGINAL Washington Monument.  While DC's may be taller and more impressive, can you climb up it (no lines to visit) for a $1 donation?  Great views of the city from the top, but it's a one time occasion for me, as those 200+ stairs nearly killed my lazy ass.

Here's a gorgeous pic from Wikipedia:

Last night I wrapped up the drama of getting old housemate's stuff out and getting the bedroom spackled and vacuumed in time to make it out to a Baltimore event: the Lighting of the Monument.  I'm not one for standing around in the cold for parades and firework shows, but this was pretty awesome.  I grabbed a few friends and hit up a great pre-party at Live Baltimore's downtown office for free snacks and hot chocolate (and $1 for Flying Dog beers or to spike your hot cocoa), walked 3 blocks up to the Monument (collecting a free 7-11 reusable shopping bag along the way.  Who knew "the sev" was so community minded and green?), and got a great spot near the show.  Despite sound issues that left most of the crowd questioning "What are they saying?", and a stage not set high enough for mortals to see the dancing Santas and whatever else was up there (but the babies hoisted on shoulders looked like they would have a great view), it was an awesome show.  A bit TOO awesome, if you ask me.  Multiple color lasers? Check.  Extended firework show? Check. Creepy intense rock versions of Christmas songs?  Super weird.  Maybe it was our angle, but the music and the explosions felt more like the apocalypse than Christmas.  

Here are some choice "OMG they're blowing up the Monument!" pics, which are sadly from my iPhone, as I suck at toting my actual camera around:

The bluish strings of lights are the Holiday lights that warranted the ocassion.  Not too impressive, but the fact that they are LEDs are!

So much smoke!


Hiked back towards downtown after the show for a Downtown Partnership after-party with wonderfully free wine and food.  The food buffet from Lebanese Taverna reminded me that I should eat there for dinner. (Hey, if these organizations/restaurants fed and boozed me for free, they totally get a shout-out on the blog.  Keep that in mind, businesses!)  Great night with new and old friends!

Busy weekend approaches.  Interviews for new housemates, holiday parties, and other fun stuff.

Tuesday, December 1

Time for Change

I totally meant to do a whole "THANKSGIVING!!" post, as I hosted my first big family function at my house, and it's one of my favorite time of the year (FOOD!).  But because of the news below, I will keep it short.  Family came from Florida.  It was wonderful to see them and show off the house! We ate lots! We slept in-between. (I didn't even take pictures of the food, as my dad was in charge of it, but my Turkey was gorgeous, with herb butter packed under her skin for a nice golden brown crust!) Successful long weekend and I can't wait for Christmas!


Now the change.

I am now in need of a new housemate.  It's the first of the month (when rent is typically due).  Instead I got a call one of my renters is moving out TODAY.  Nice notice there.  Kinda stressed about it, as I obviously want to keep on track financially and not have to pay 2/3 of the bills and such.


Want to be my new housemate?

Craigslist: Share spacious Patterson Park rowhouse

And I don't think I've shared these pics yet, so here are some of the main floor:

Island in kitchen and my red motif

Looking into half bath and kitchen 

Kitchen to dining area and the stairs.  You may remember the Pagoda print on the left from here

Living room from stairs

My wall of mirrors, key hook (branches from Urban Outfitters, so cute!), mail slots, and a Bodine print of Baltimore

I love the brick reflection on the mirrors.

Okay, must clean house for tours/interviews of potential housemates (I already have like 6 decent replies, so I'm not too worried) this weekend before going to Ohio for work next week!  Ack!