Monday, December 21


That was an empty trash can.  It is now full of snow.

We had a bit of  Blizzard here in baltimore, trapping most city dwellers in their houses and off the streets.  My car (which I forgot to take a picture of) was completely covered and blocked in.  Luckily I have lovely neighbors with shovels who dug me out. 

But I did not risk the weather on Saturday, instead trekking it over to Patterson Park to sled down a big hill by the Pagoda.  There were close to 50 people there, with all levels of sledding equipment from boogey boards (not so successful), to tubes, to trays and cookie sheets from the kitchen (what we had!).  As I always forget to turn the camera back on myself, I'm awaiting an upload from a friend for a pic with my face, but here are a couple nice shots:

More pics to come, and new projects too!

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