Wednesday, February 3


It finally takes a decision to spend an evening working on my MS coursework to procrastinate on the school work to blog.  That and hearing people actually read this!  (Hi, Adam!)

(It's been so long since December!)

During the snowstorm (when I wasn't sledding) I was furiously decoupaging (a la my table) a little something for my grandmother's 75th birthday.  She recently asked my sister and I to come up with a list of memories of growing up and visiting her house (which is mere blocks from my parents' house).  I incorporated clip art representations of the memories and photos of us into a decorative platter.  There's a small pic, glare and all, to mask the embarrassing pics of my youth.  The ribbon was something I had laying around to wrap it, but I like the addition.  It hangs on her dining room wall.  My art is spreading.

I left the Baltimore snow of the last post and had a lovely vacation in Sunny South Florida.  It's nice to visit the parents and see the gradual changes of my childhood home to the modern world.  For a while, I would drag my wireless router on vacation to freely use my computer, now they have their own!  A beautiful (Philips) HDTV finally replaced the big clunker (and bigger than mine, jealous!).  I was called over to my grandparents house to work on the problem of "My internet is slow.  Outlook doesn't work" to find that their 5 year old computer only had 256MB of RAM.  Sigh.  An upgrade to 1GB allowed Outlook to run without freezing.

It was a lovely trip and I got to have holiday dinner with both sets of grandparents and more.  Yummy ham and london broil and my signature cheesy potato casserole.  By Christmas evening the eating was over and after multiple family events over the two days I had to go out and go drinking.  I first stopped at a little Hollywood dive bar to see my high school buddy J's band jam.  He puts free music (his and mixtapes of various artists) on his site, so you should definitely check it out.   After a phone call I was rushed to Ft Lauderdale with a promise of a middle-school reunion with my two best friends of that era.  Because I allowed myself to drink by planning on bumming off of the rides of others, I had to endure a $26 cab ride to transport from high-school friends to middle-school.  Seeing the Sarahs was a fabulous time, but I definitely can not keep up with South Florida...the bars are open until 4!  I'm conditioned by Baltimore's last call at 1:30, with the bar clocks set to be fast.

(I'm currently taking a break to watch my cat tear through the house, chasing a big ass fly.  I saw it coming near me, and I woke the sleeping pet to take care of it.  The fly is big and slow so I think Gregory can catch it.  I tried, but I'm no Obama.)

After vacation, I came back and underwent LASIK surgery.  Totally worth it.  No pain in the surgery (the worst was removing the tape from my lids at the end), and discomfort the first night (I had to keep my eyes closed for 3 hours and couldn't sleep, despite the TylenolPMs they gave me).  Sometimes I still feel like I'm wearing contacts and I still reach for glasses in the morning, even though I can see the clock (which I never have been able to do).

At the end of January I took a weekend trip up to Boston.  Visiting Chris was wonderful, and we just ate and drank the town with little agenda.  We had lovely conversations about how grown-up we are (me a homeowner and him doing really well on the relationship front). And both of us at the young age of.....shhh. The hundred year-old house he rents a room in made me yearn for the comforts (and efficient heating) of my modernized home.  I can totally see myself living in Boston at some point.  And my company is headquartered up there...hmmm...

Back to Baltimore for a while, back to projects.  I'll follow this up with a couple quick posts about my recent furniture make-overs.  My current project is decorating the blue wall in the basement, then a wine rack in the kitchen (Dilemma: buy something for around $30 or attempt to DIY something for about $10?  Laziness might win on this one)  Super bowl party this weekend, so the house will also be clean, if anyone can actually get here with the 1, 2, 3? feet of snow we're supposed to get, depending on who you ask.

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