Friday, February 26

RIP Grandma Sue

I've been in Florida with my family since Wednesday organizing a celebration of my grandmothers life.  She has had varied health problems for years, but has been in and out of surgeries and rehab centers since October.  She passed Monday.

This has been a good time to spend with the family.  I'm actually terrible at keeping in touch with family and friends unless we are in the same zip code.  Luckily, my grandparents got the chance to visit me and my humble (or not so, since I feel it deserved a blog) abode in August.  My grandfather told me yesterday that she was so proud of me and my house, and my craftiness.  We have spent the last few days organizing her craft hobbies. We found enough faux flowers to create over 20 arrangements for the service, stamps and cards to create homemade thank you cards for the neighbors who have brought us days worth of food, and all the supplies needed for memory boards of photos.

My job has been to scan and organize old photos into a slideshow for the service.  These are some of my favorites:

Not sure why there is a garter involved (not a wedding).  Spunky lady!
Here's a couple of us over the years:
(That mumu was one of her faves, and is still in her closet over 20 years later.)

And here's one from August:

She was a short little lady (I'm about 5'5" and she's on the step!), but did not fade into the background.  She let you know what she wanted and when she wanted it.  She's always been independent, but makes sure everyone around her is taken care of too.

We're estimating over 100 guests at the service tomorrow. 

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