Wednesday, February 3

Dresser Re-Do`

I bought this cute little dresser for $50 on craigslist, which was even a bonus for being less than a mile from my house.  Buying local!

It was the perfect size for the bedroom I am renting out as furnished. (She is from abroad so she doesn't have the insane amount of accumulated clothes I have stuffed in mine) The only problem is that the darker wood didn't match the fresh light or white furniture that fills the room.



Damaged wood, and a kinda grimy contact paper lining inside.
I'm sure someone will say it looks better as wood and hate the after, but sanding is hard and white goes better with the room.


Okay, so I totally cheated. No sanding or primer.  Just two coats of white semi-gloss, blue spray paint on the knobs. Time will tell if I will regret cutting corners, but it looks good and is charming for now. I think the white really brings out the design on the bottom.

 In progress...

Here are the supplies:

(purple toes!)
What's that brown paper you ask?



The drawer liner was a big pain in the ass.  I had to be as precise as possible in cutting it to size, line the drawer sides with protective cardboard, spray a layer of adhesive in, and try to stick the paper down.  Correctly.  The first time.  Sigh.  What a pain.  The paper is a roll of wrapping paper I saw at the dollar store. (near Eastpoint Mall, which I will agree with a recommendation that it is the best dollar store)  There was a drawer (or two) that required an extra strip of paper to fill out an edge.

All in all I'm really happy with it (as is the roomie who uses it), but I think it needs a bit more.  A stencil on the side or top?  I don't know.