Sunday, February 7

Please stop snowing

To clarify, it's not current snowing.  I measured 22" outside my front door from Saturday.  While I could have trekked over to the park and had more sledding fun, I'm still not 100% from LAST weekend's cold.  I figure freezing and exercise will not be good for me in my weakened state.  So I stayed inside, watching movies, doing my homework, and contemplating future house projects.

I have a new idea for my kitchen.

It involves 13 of these (measured about 12, but one extra for mistakes):


And something to do with this area: 

I hate my backsplash.  It has the most awful pink tinted tiles. I want to have an awesome mosaic tile backsplash, but that would require peeling the pink ones off, and probably losing my kitchen for at least a weekend.  I think for $13 of placemats and some heavy duty double-sided sticky tape it's worth a shot at a change.

This project is dependent on me actually digging my car out of the snow and making it out to the White Marsh Ikea.  This is much more likely to happen if we don't get a blizzard every weekend!  (Two in a row, but who is counting?!)

Weather gods, please stop torturing me.

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