Wednesday, March 30


One job application in.  I think I will be awesome at the position, in a seemingly brand new department at a hospital.  Too bad I messed up their online application process and had to end up submitting my name twice.  Oh well, it's not like I'm claiming I'm highly technical.... Oh wait, I am... Sigh.

As soon as I finished updating my resume and cover letter my ADD (and the morning's coffee) kicked in and I ended up re-caulking my bathroom window and back door, and touch-up painting the half bath.  After about 6 years (I'm assuming) the toilet paper holder just wasn't staying in the wall, so I had to move it, re-mount it, fill in the holes, and repaint. My parents will be glad to know that the toilet paper is no longer mounted directly below the hand towel, which led to water drips on the roll.

I'm definitely more in the maintenance phase of my house.  While fixing the TP holder I noticed the floor could use a caulk touch-up and the air vent could look better white. Out of caulk and spray paint.  Home Depot run is eminent.

Gregory sensed I wanted to take a pic of something and sprang to action.

And here is the status of my plant babies.  Most of the ones on the right were planted two Saturdays ago, with the rest started Friday (productive first day of unemployment). Paper egg carton is a spring mix of lettuces, unlabeled white ones are tomatoes.  Also: cucumbers (tallest sprouts), rosemary, chives, basil, some tomato sprouts, peppers.

Saturday, March 26

Back to blogging

So it's been a while since I've dropped by here.  I think I even have a few sets of projects pics I completed but didn't post. 

Overall, my house is pretty much "done" but I do have a few pieces of ugly furniture I never improved last year.

I was busy, but due to a surprise "elimination of my position" I now have loads of free time.  In order to not go crazy with boredom as I will now spend the majority of the day in my house, I am setting goals for myself:

  • Research my career (engineering/IT for healthcare, if you were wondering)
  • Search and apply for jobs
  • Work on final house projects
  • blog completed house projects
  • Search and apply for jobs
  • Exercise more (Kinect in my basement, and walks around the park when it warms up!)
  • Cook good food for myself and friends
  • Keep a healthy garden (seeds are started!)
  • Volunteer at Banner (get out of the house)
  • Network
  • Search and apply for jobs.
The last time I was out of work it was for 3 months and I pretty much stayed in the house all the time clicking "Apply" to anything remotely related on CareeerBuilder, and went a little crazy over time. 

This time will be different,  This is also a time to focus on me and think of life outside the 9-5.