Saturday, March 26

Back to blogging

So it's been a while since I've dropped by here.  I think I even have a few sets of projects pics I completed but didn't post. 

Overall, my house is pretty much "done" but I do have a few pieces of ugly furniture I never improved last year.

I was busy, but due to a surprise "elimination of my position" I now have loads of free time.  In order to not go crazy with boredom as I will now spend the majority of the day in my house, I am setting goals for myself:

  • Research my career (engineering/IT for healthcare, if you were wondering)
  • Search and apply for jobs
  • Work on final house projects
  • blog completed house projects
  • Search and apply for jobs
  • Exercise more (Kinect in my basement, and walks around the park when it warms up!)
  • Cook good food for myself and friends
  • Keep a healthy garden (seeds are started!)
  • Volunteer at Banner (get out of the house)
  • Network
  • Search and apply for jobs.
The last time I was out of work it was for 3 months and I pretty much stayed in the house all the time clicking "Apply" to anything remotely related on CareeerBuilder, and went a little crazy over time. 

This time will be different,  This is also a time to focus on me and think of life outside the 9-5.

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