Saturday, September 19

Long awaited update (I'm a terrible blogger)

Yeah, apparently I suck at posting regularly. Lately I've had multiple weekends of successful project days, and a couple of days I deemed project-free days. Good to give myself a break every once in a while.

My mental list of project goals is wrapping up, so the next big goal is to "stage" the house for a photo shoot to send pictures to relatives and far-away friends. (Yes, I watch too much HGTV to know what house staging is and should look like.) That's a project in itself, since my Florida family has only seen images of a table and a toilet.

Big headway has been made on my bedroom, as I've completed the headboard/daybed project no one seemed to understand as I described it. One more trip to IKEA tomorrow will fill out the empty wall and make it much more photogenic.

The project I want to share today is my kitchen photo project. As I've mentioned, I live near Patterson Park, which I consider the Central Park of Baltimore (including an ice-skating rink, boat lake, and a coffee shop named Patterson Perk on one side). Though I have a million windows (Not fun: installing 17 mini-blinds.), my only view is of other rowhouses. I wanted to bring a little bit of the park inside. So, after a leisurely walk through the park with a camera, I decided on my perfect view. The 1890s Victorian/Oriental Pagoda is probably the most photographed structure in the Park (and in Baltimore?), so it's a little cliche, but I like it. Here's the winning picture:

And here's what 36 4"x6" prints look like attached to my kitchen wall:

I really like that this one featured the civil war cannons (Patterson Park and the Civil War) and the red tree on the right, as my kitchen has taken off with a red and green theme (not like Christmas).

Now we have a view of the Park from our breakfast island sitting in the most fabulous Pier 1 barstools (my first house splurge while I was thriftily using craigslist to furnish the place). And instead of paying for one huge print and frame, the cost of this beauty was less than $10! ($0.19 Rite-Aid prints and a box of photo stickies for scrapbooking)

And thanks for all the lovely comments! I didn't even notice they were there, as blogger doesn't shove them in my face like facebook does (i.e. sending me countless emails). I have such awesome neighbors!

Off to have some green curry and watch a movie with my housemates...

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