Wednesday, September 30

Busy Gal

For my first weekend away from the new house, I visited family and friends in South Florida. 4 days and I managed to avoid direct sunlight and the beach! (As some people work hard to keep freakish fake summer tans all year long, I work hard to keep my complexion pale and cancer-free, if only in protest of all the "you need some color, whitey" declarations.)

However, I did manage to:

-Dinner with the fam at my favorite Italian place, hitting the garlic rolls hard, despite not being that hungry
-Outlet shopping with Dad (so many more discount sweaters to choose from in a place where sweaters aren't needed!)
- Turn a friend's friend's board games and wii party into a White Party (so Miami!) bringing popcorn, powdered donuts, key lime pie, and chips and onion dip.
- DimSum'ed
- Order a fancy martini, only to ask the waiter to bring some mint to fix it (it did)
- Loudly say to a dog in front of its dining owners: "Oh you poor baby, who put a sweater on you when it is 95 degrees out? Evil owners!" then walked away cackling. (I'd blame it on a dare, but I'm just a bitch)
- More fancy drinks at the Delano (Modern, awesomely decorated hotel lobby bar), only to walk across the street, buy multiple airplane-size liquor bottles to have in my purse for a movie
- Amazing pastries at a Charlotte's Bakery ( Empanadas and huge dessert section not to be missed.

Lincoln Road mall in South Beach, where many hours were spent strolling, eating, and drinking.

Old roomie Chris and I in mostly white. Love how it looks like he's caught on to a scent.

Amazing chocolate caramel tart pastry that traveled all the way back to Baltimore with me. (I only take a few nibbles at a time to extend the awesomeness.)

Great food and friends. Loved hanging out like old times with my college buddies. Next reunion in Baltimore, mmmk?

Then I continued my De Stijl modern art basement project. The art will soon be hung, but here's a preview.

Bought a cheap, boring clock from IKEA. Took it apart. Painted face white. used my neon green spray paint to match the edge to my table (basement table, yet to be revealed). Painted, re-numbered. Put back together.

I love the finished product! But what I don't love? That it ticks, but doesn't actually move the hands. FAIL. Debating buying a second clock and hoping that mechanism/hand set works, so my painting isn't a super waste.

Fells Point Fun Fest this weekend! Plan to dance it up with Charm City Swing, window shop, and probably get Mr. Yogato FroYo and/or Pitango Gelato. Would both be overkill? We shall see.

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