Friday, October 23

Better After!

So honored to be featured on one of the DIY sites that has become one that I check daily for new ideas. 

My clock and chair on Better After

If you found me from there, stay tuned!  Projects and decorating are wrapping up and I hope to blitz a lot of pictures soon.  (My camera is vacationing in Boston with my housemate and iPhonecamera isn't that impressive.)

Here's a before of a coffee table I found outside for FREE in Fells Point (a historic area of Baltimore) while buying a futon off craigslist a couple doors down.  Score!   

Stayed tuned!

Now off to have a productive "incidental" day off of work.  Doctor, check.  Talk to contractors working on house next door about future too-big-to-do-myself projects, check.  Call police/ambulance for intoxicated vagrants leaning on my house (not on today's schedule), check.  Clean bedroom, check.  To Do: HomeDepot for a new mailbox, Dentist, MVA for an MD license (I have only been living here for about 6.5 years.  I think it's time to become a real MD resident.), and hopefully time to bake something tasty before the Masquerade party/benefit in my 'hood before getting cute and heading over.  Whew!  Better get busy!

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