Saturday, October 3

DIY first aid

I suck at life sometimes.  During an after-work happy hour, I managed to dislodge and swallow my temporary dental work...which was on my front tooth.  Now my chipped-since-I-was-12 filed-down (my custom veneer is being made and coming in 2 weeks) is exposed, and sensitive to cold (and feels weird on my tongue). On top of that, while I was cahtting on the phone about going out, and reaching for a cupcake under my fancy cake plate, I dropped the heavy glass cake plate lid, taking most of the cupcakes with it, shattering it on the floor, and appartently gashing my leg in the process.  (like my dad, someone has to call out that I'm bleeding before I realize I'm hurt).  Friday night: glass, blood and cupcakes on the floor!  Yes!

Needless to say I stayed in last night and made a morning trip to Rite Aid to get Butterfly Closures and Waterproof bandages to fix up my leg (per the recommendation of a doctor/Public Health student who happened to stop in for breakfast).  Most awkward part?  The gash is behind my knee, so I had to do some yoga moves to get the band-aids on.  Seems to be a sucess so far. (Will it hold up through dancing in Fells?  Or should I sit today out?)

Not a success?  Trying to temporarily repair my tooth with some DIY filling paste.  I got it on and made it look halfway decent, only for it to fall off 30 minutes later, even before I tried to eat or do anything strenuous.  Oh well.

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